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  1. WOW, these are amazing,what beauty we have all around us.I would love to be as good of a photographer as I’ve seen in this sight.I’ve just found it a was wishing I’d have known about it sooner.I heart leaps at it’s beauty.My chest actually aches.I feel like I’ve just won a trip of a lifetime (which for me would be Africia,growing up my girlfriends brother was in the peace corps.) I can’t think of anything else to say ,my eyes are tearing up. Keep up the great work.I love it.Amazing

    • Hi there Thomas,Yes all the photos I have taken since then have been with the Fuji X100! It’s a great lttlie camera to use. Most pictures I have taken link through to a flickr photo page when you can check the EXIF data to see what camera it was taken with and at what focal length, aperture, shutter speed, etc.Cheers,Daniel

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